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Brevity is a communications consulting firm that helps executives and organizations sell ideas internally, communicate across departments, and reach customers by outlining an effective communications strategy, creating compelling communications with attractive designs, and supporting each strategy through to success.

A well-defined Communications Strategy ensures you reach the right people at the right time in the right ways.


Once your vision becomes a strategy, we can create the content to make it a reality. We also write internal documents to help support sales and operations.


Branded, consistent, attractive visuals grab attention and build recognition for your brand or initiative.


A picture is worth a thousand words. A video is 30 pictures per second. Enhance your communications strategy with video.

Anyone can write an email. For your message to have the desired impact, it's got to grab and keep the reader's attention.

Meet us

Libby Krause
Principal Consultant
Libby designs solutions that move company objectives from vision to reality. She specializes in internal communications, strategy planning and execution, executive presentations, branding, training course development and delivery, web- and video-based educational programs, video scripting, promotional and user support materials, web content management, and operational documentation.
Brian Krause
Consultant, Video Producer
Brian Specializes in the production of corporate videos including promotional videos, tutorials, and video-based training courses.  In 2017, Brian produced 18 training videos for the software launch strategy developed by Brevity, garnering more than 24,000 views within the client company.

"Even months after the project has wrapped, I get emails weekly asking about sharing examples and ideas from our great launch communication plan so other projects can copy."

Ryan Crouse, HCA IT&S PRoject Manager for the project

"The communication plan for introducting this software was great! I recieved a lot of  positive comments about the creativity of the campaign. We get a lot of initiatives and this one was by far the easiest to implement."

Regional marketing and public relations Director

"This presentation was the best of the conference."

Event producer, HFIF Conference

"This presentation alone made the conference worth attending. "

Attendee, HFIF Conference

“Brevity has done an exceptional job transforming verbal concepts into actionable policy. Their method of question and answer sessions quickly extracts the information necessary to document a policy. With Brevity’s help, we have been able to document policies that we struggled for years to write ourselves.”

Danny Alexander, Former Corporate Facility Manager, Facilitigroup