At the heart of every business is


To grow, you need to harness that knowledge.
To keep your team all moving the same direction, you need to share that knowledge.
To preserve that knowledge, you need to capture and continue to refine it.

Your business needs structure in order to grow: simple processes, meaningful training, and ongoing messaging that can be easily shared, understood, and applied within your company.


Standardize daily


Train employees on best practices, processes, and procedures


Keep your team current on changes within the company

We know it’s hard to get excited about doing this work, and even harder to find the time to get it done. Chances are it's been on your to-do list for ages, but other priorities keep pushing it back.

Leave it to us.  

We define what needs to be done and how, then we work with your team to get it done.

While we do the heavy lifting, we also teach your employees how to maintain the process once the major work is done, so your documents stay up-to-date.


We’re experts in business analysis, project management, communications, and technical writing.

Leave the drudgery to us, and keep your team free to do what they do best.

Our Process

Step 1: Identify

Together, we look at what you’ve got in place and talk about your goals so we can fully define the scope of the project, recommend the best approach, and give you a realistic price.  

Step 2: Build

Using a methodical yet flexible approach, we partner with your team to gather all relevant information and translate it into a collection of documents that are well-organized and easy to use.

Step 3: Share

Once the documents have been created, we’ll work together to get the word out.  After all, processes and training are only helpful when they're used by the people they were created for.

Step 4: Refine and Expand

To ensure your documents remain relevant and in use, we establish a maintenance process for reviewing and updating documents, and communicating changes across your organization.

Bonus: Leave a Legacy

At every step, we share our best practices with your team so they can repeat these steps as your business continues to grow and change.  

let's Get it done

Meet us

Libby Krause
Principal Consultant
Libby designs solutions that move company objectives from vision to reality. She specializes in internal communications, strategy planning and execution, executive presentations, branding, training course development and delivery, web- and video-based educational programs, video scripting, promotional and user support materials, web content management, and operational documentation.
Brian Krause
Consultant, Video Producer
Brian Specializes in the production of corporate videos including promotional videos, tutorials, and video-based training courses.  In 2017, Brian produced 18 training videos for the software launch strategy developed by Brevity, garnering more than 24,000 views within the client company.
What our Clients Say

“Brevity has done an exceptional job transforming verbal concepts into actionable policy. Their method of question and answer sessions quickly extracts the information necessary to document a policy. With Brevity’s help, we have been able to document policies that we struggled for years to write ourselves.”

Danny Alexander, Former Corporate Facility Manager, Facilitigroup

"Even months after the project has wrapped, I get emails weekly asking about sharing examples and ideas from our great launch communication plan so other projects can copy."

Ryan Crouse, PRoject Manager at HCA IT&S

"The communication plan for introducing this software was great! I received a lot of positive comments about the creativity of the campaign. We get a lot of initiatives and this one was by far the easiest to implement."

Regional marketing and public relations Director

"This presentation was the best of the conference."

Event producer, HFIF Conference

"This presentation alone made the conference worth attending. "

Attendee, HFIF Conference