Strategy Sessions

Brevity regularly facilitates strategy sessions to help clients define new service concepts, business lines, educational programs, training needs, communications campaigns, and internal business processes.

Web-based policies & procedures manual

Brevity designed a web-based manual for housing the policies and procedures for the engineering department of a national healthcare company and defined the process for developing and maintaining relevant documents.

"Brevity has done an exceptional job transforming verbal concepts into actionable policy. Their method of question and answer sessions quickly extracts the information necessary to document a policy. With Brevity's help, we have been able to document policies that we struggled for years to write ourselves."

- Danny Alexander, Former Corporate Facility Manager, Facilitigroup

12-Month Energy Savings Challenge

Brevity defined and administered a 12-month energy challenge for 165 locations which reduced the company's energy spend by $7.5M over 12 months.

Challenge administration included creation and maintenance of a challenge website, production and distribution of 12 monthly themed emails and videos, creation of a marketing toolkit and provision of training to individuals at each location for local promotion of the challenge, and quarterly calls and surveys of local coordinators to ensure participants stayed on target.

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Enterprise-wide software launch

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Brevity developed and executed a maintenance software launch strategy to 200,000 users in the U.S.and U.K. with 72 standardized implementation scripts and emails, 26 user support documents, 18 training videos with 30,000 views, web design and content management, and a promotional strategy customized for 182 locations.

" Even months after the project has wrapped, I get emails weekly asking about sharing examples and ideas from our great launch communication plan so other projects can copy."

- Ryan Crouse, HCA IT&S Project manager for the project

"The Communications plan for introducing this software was great! I received a lot of positive comments about the creativity of the campaign.  We get a lot of initiatives and this one was by far the easiest to implement."

- Regional Marketing and Public relations director

Educational Communication Campaign

Brevity designed and distributed a monthly security-focused email campaign to educate 3,000 corporate employees about their role in keeping the corporate campus safe.

Web-based educational series

Brevity created and manages a monthly educational webinar series in its eighth consecutive year with an average monthly attendance of 150.

We coordinate logistics, develop and edit presentations, train presenters, conduct monthly surveys, maintain related website content, track program participation and survey results, and recommend program changes as necessary.

"Thanks.  Keep these going.  They are a great benefit."

" Always informative."

- Webinar participants

Conference presentations

Brevity translates conference presenters' vision and message into sleek, engaging presentations.

"This presentation was the best of the conference."

- Event Producer, HFIF Conference

"This presentation alone made attending the conference worth the time."

- Attendee, HFIF Conference
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Internal Executive Presentations

Brevity helps executives tell their story and sell ideas to other departments or senior leadership to encourage collaboration or secure funding through compelling presentations.

Website design and content management

Brevity has conceived, designed, and provides ongoing content management for several client websites.

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